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It's 2017, and To Die For Games gets a new Wordpress blog, and now with 200% more Twitch channels!!!

We'd like to welcome some new members and guest reviewers to our team:

James Freeman, The Gentlemen Blogger, who will be heading up our blog with some written reviews and other board gaming content! Check it out at! Christian Gilbert, Weird Guy of Doom, who will also be providing blog content, but in French!
Caryl Tan is joining the team, and will be appearing with Mandi in some reviews, and also on special episodes on The Dice Tower!

Two New Twitch Channels:

Michael Corneau, Pawlom, who along with Mandi, will be our new Monday Twitch stream co-host!
Tracy and Stephane are now hosting Twitch streams on Wednesdays!
Check them out: every Monday at 8:00 PM EST
and every Wednesday at 8:00 PM EST

Join The Board Gaming Pinup Girl, The Gaming Maven, and The Games Teacher of To Die For Games, where we take our fun hobby and show unboxing, reviews and game play overviews! It's all in the name of FUN!


Dice Tower Con 2017

Dice Tower Con - Orlando, Fl
July 5th - 9th, 2017

Our first time at Dice Tower Con. If you see Mandi say hi.

Gen Con 2017

Gen Con - Indianapolis, IN
August 17th-20th, 2017

To Die For Games is very excited to be going to our second Gen Con, for the event's 50th anniversary! We hope to see some of you there!

About Us

Board Gaming Pinup Girl

The Board Gaming Pinup Girl

As you may be able to tell by Mandi Hutchinson's alias, the Board Gaming Pinup Girl, she adores pinup fashion, all facets of gaming, and brightening up the world with vibrant colour (notably through her ever-changing hair). She is an accomplished make-up artist, entrepreneur, and media personality. Mandi is both a girly girl and a card-carrying board game geek.

The Gaming Maven

The Gaming Maven

Tracy Thillmann, aka The Gaming Maven, is a renaissance woman. She is a dabbler of many things, with her greatest passion being board games, especially teaching board games; thus her motto “reading the rules, so you don’t have to”. She loves the little things in life, like punching the cardboard pieces in the game box, because well, she LOVES components. Bagpiper, ex-stone mason, and fantasy book lover, she is looking to take the board gaming world by storm.

The Games Teacher

The Games Teacher

Stéphane Lebeau, The Games Teacher, is a life-long gamer. In his day job working for a large multi-national company, some of his favorite work is done in the class room, where he loves every aspect of being a "trainer". So, it's not surprising that in the world of board games, he derives as much, or even more, enjoyment from showing people how to play a game, as he does playing games himself. If you need a hand learning a game, don't hesitate to ask him!

The Blog Guy

The Gentlemen Blogger

James Freeman is a life long gamer. He has fond memories of Stratego and Dark Tower from his youth (Rob Daviau personally advised him to not return to the Tower as an adult and he has not...yet). He has played over 1000 different games and is always on a quest for unique game mechanics.

Weird Guy

Weird Guy of Doom

Christian Gilbert has been playing games for a good part of the past 10 years, when he thrifted a copy of Settlers of Catan. It was downhill from there, as board games replaced a large video games collection. He is now in charge of 2 local events, in addition to his government job and 2 kids.



Michael Corneau has always loved games, going all the way back to childhood when he wanted to play Monopoly *shudder* with the adults. He even proceeded to work in the casino industry for 7 years to fill that gaming itch. Now that games are much more mainstream, with a wide variety of types, he is willing to teach anyone anything! Gaming helps him get through the winter months while he anxiously awaits summer cycling.


Caryl Tan

Caryl Tan is a serial game player, and habitual game buyer -- which makes for the perfect combination and opportunity to have a shelf full of games, talk about them all day and what's that? Even own an online board game store. There's honestly nowhere else she'd rather be...than buried underneath her game collection.

Paul Deveau

Paul Deveau

Paul is the show's photographer and videographer. In addition to his rugged good looks, he brings more than 40 years of photography experience to To Die For Games.

Matt Belyea

Matt Belyea

Matt wears many hats (and not just the one in the photo). He is a CEO, entrepreneur, photographer, graphic designer, and an all-around awesome guy. He is the man responsible for our amazing logo and incredible intro. If you love these as much as we do, hop on his Facebook page and let him know.


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